Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What do I wear during my massage session?
A:  You can dress to your comfort level.  Most dress down to their underwear.  You will be covered and private areas will not be exposed.  I only uncover the areas I am working on, one at a time.

Q:  Why do you tell me to drink water when I leave your office?
A:  Water helps to flush out lactic acid and toxins.  It hydrates muscles and decreases the chance of soreness after a massage.

Q:  What is the difference between Swedish Massage and Deep Tissue?
A:  Swedish Massage is primarily for circulation and relaxation.  Deep Tissue Massage reaches different layers of muscles and works on particular trouble areas.

Q:  How often should I get a massage?
A:  Having a massage once per month is beneficial for maintenance.  At least one massage per week, or every other week, allows us to work on troubled muscles and retrain muscle patterns.

Q:  Can I get a massage if I am pregnant?
A:  Yes.

Q:  Does my flex card cover massage therapy?
A:  Consult your insurance company.  It may if you have a prescription from your chiropractor or doctor.

Q:  Are packages available?
A:  Yes.  You will be able to purchase them online beginning in January.  You can also add a package after your massage session upon check out.

Q:  Are gift certificates available?
A:  Yes.  You can purchase in any amount.

Q:  Does massage help with constipation?
A:  Yes.  It is best to do abdominal massage for constipation.  Staying hydrated before and after a massage is beneficial too.

Q:  Should I work out after a massage?
A:  You can work out after a massage.  I do recommend that you always stretch after a work out.

Q: Are there any local businesses you like or recommend?
A: Yes, I recommend the following local businesses: